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  • Translucent Onyx Wall Panel

    Product Details: Translucent onyx panel for modern interior and exterior wall cladding building materials Translucent stone (also known as solid surface translucent panels) is a new composite...
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  • White Color Onyx Countertops

    High end translucent decorative faux onyx wall panel with high hardness for countertop or ceilling decoration Company’s information: Huayi Zhongzhi Decoration Material Co.Ltd of Zhongshan is a...
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  • Artificial Backlit Marble

    Faux onyx panel for ceilling decoration building materials from China manufacturers Product Details: It’s made with polyester resin with aluminite powder in a big slab and cut one by one pcs like...
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  • Backlit Decorative Stone Panel

    Translucent faux onyx sheets for dining table marble or wall Company Having been stone business for over 18 years, Huayi Zhongzhi Decoration Material Co.Ltd of Zhongshan is a manufacturer...
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  • Artificial Faux Marble

    Product Description: Interior tv background decorative wall panel Brief: Artificial backlit marble crack onyx ( also called faux alabaster stone or artifical stone ) are casted by high molecular...
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  • Translucent Nature Marble

    Product Description: Translucent artificial marble for hotel or home wall coverings brief introduction: SM-series are made by high content of polyester resin with aluminite powder. It is owning...
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  • Onyx Stone for Outdoor

    Company’s information: Huayi, established in 2000, is the most professional translucent stone manufacturers in China with more than 18 years experience, we have many kinds of product like...
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  • Artificial Stone for Construction

    Pure Polyester Resin Solid Surface Sheet For Interior Building Decoration Advantages 1. Non Porous, No bubbles 2. Stain Resistant, Scratch Resistant 3. Seamless joint 4. Minimal Maintenance 5....
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  • White Marble Panel for Kitchen

    Pure Polyester Resin Panel With Pure Color For counter top display or hotel lobby wall decoration Features: * Joint invisible,beautiful appearance; * No bubbles, anti-pollution, * High tenacity...
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  • Translucent Surfaces Ceiling Decoration

    New Building Materials Construction Pure Polyester Resin Panel With Pure Color For Wall and Ceilling Home Decoration Advantages * High tenacity solid surface; * Superior stain/bacteria/chemical...
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  • Translucent Stone Slabs

    Company’s information: Factory picture: Product Description: Packaging & Shipping: Application: the public buildings (airport, station, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital) and house...
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  • Marble Stone Artificial Rock

    Product Description: Advantages: 1. Easy-to-cut: Cutting can be done at the construction site by the bridge cutting machine and portable cutting machine. 2. No water and dirt absorption. It is...
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