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Preparation For Stone Handling Work
Jul 20, 2018

1. Stones that are easy to be contaminated with white can not be tied with straw rope.

2, stone in the long-distance transportation must have shielding tools, anti-exposure, rain, wind blowing.

3, precious small-sized finished products, protect the sharp angle, packed in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes.

4. Large-size plates are firmly nailed with fresh wood.

5. If there is pollution, it should be cleaned; the ground where the stone is placed should be hard and flat, and the ground should be collapsed, the iron frame should be tilted, the stone should be collapsed and broken.

6. The strips can be bundled with wire planks.

7, no loss, no overload, if there are conditions, you must do a good insurance procedure, there must be no luck.

8. The transport wagon or cabin is kept clean and there is no place for pollution.

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