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Onyx Identification Method
Jul 20, 2018

1, pattern and color: true agate color bright and bright, fake agate due to insufficient hardness and density, the gloss is worse, the natural agate color is distinct, the strip pattern is very obvious, and the fake fake agate most beautiful colors, feel the color is uniform, float;

2, texture: fake agate is mostly glass imitation, softer than agate texture, with hard objects on the fake agate can draw traces, but the real thing can not be drawn, from the surface, the real agate is rare, imitation is slightly Have bubbles;

3. Transparency: Compared with the fake agate made of glass, the true agate transparency is slightly inferior, but compared with the fake agate synthesized by other components, the real agate is more transparent and more aura than it is;

4, weight: due to the difference in density, the real agate jewelry is slightly heavier than the synthetic agate jewelry;

5, the sound: gently tap the agate, the true agate sound is crisp, a metal-like crisp sound, fake agate sound chaos;

6, with a bite: true agate with a soft bite when there is a "soft" feeling, fake agate bite with a bite like eating a bite of sand.

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