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Marble Countertop Stone Features
Jul 20, 2018

1. No deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance. The rock has long-term natural aging, uniform structure, minimal linear expansion coefficient, complete disappearance of internal stress, no deformation, no fear of acid, liquefied matter, no rust, no oil, no dust, easy maintenance and maintenance. Simple and long lasting.

2, anti-abrasion, high temperature, maintenance-free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, small temperature deformation, no scratches, no constant temperature conditions, and maintain its original physical properties at normal temperature.

3, physical stability, fine organization, subject to impact die falling off, the surface does not burr, does not affect its plane accuracy, material stability, can ensure long-term deformation, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, rust, anti-magnetic, insulation It is not magnetized, it can move smoothly during measurement, without stagnation, it is not affected by moisture, and the plane is well defined.

4, but with a certain amount of radioactivity, is not recommended for large-scale use.

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