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Characteristics Of Artificial Translucent Stone
Jul 20, 2018

1. With the transmission effect of ordinary light, it can produce a dreamlike effect that seems to be invisible, if it is away;

2. Compared with traditional artificial stone, it is not easy to scratch, not easy to deform, has good hardness, impact resistance, strong flame retardancy, safer, higher gloss, wider application range, beautiful and fashionable, and green.

3, compared with natural stone, raw materials are easy to obtain, can be drawn nearby; color can be adjusted, colorful, and lasting as new, the surface is bright as a mirror; it is non-toxic, tasteless, non-radiative, healthy and environmentally friendly, no microporous Structure, resistant to dirt, easy to maintain, and highly processable.

4. As a new type of green building material, it can comprehensively utilize various resources. It is a high-grade decoration that replaces natural stone. It can effectively inhibit excessive exploitation of natural stone and promote the development of environmental protection, circular economy and low-carbon economy.

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