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Artificial Marble Purchase Attention
Jul 20, 2018

According to relevant practitioners, consumers can also detect the authenticity of the countertop in the following five ways.

A look: the visual color of the sample is pure and turbid, the permeability is good, the surface has no similar plastic glue texture, and there is no fine pores on the reverse side of the plate;

Two touches: The surface of the hand touched the sample has a silky feel, no flaws, and no obvious unevenness. (This can be used to identify aluminum hydroxide or calcium carbonate used);

Three strokes: use the nails to scratch the surface of the board without obvious scratches;

Four tests: soy sauce can be used to test the permeability of the countertop (the result is no penetration); use edible vinegar to test whether calcium carbonate is added (the result is no discoloration and no powder); use a lighter to burn the countertop sample (the result is flame retardant, no fire The higher the acrylic content, the less the taste of the countertop);

Five checks: Check whether the product has ISO quality system certification, environmental protection mark certification, quality inspection report, product warranty card and related anti-counterfeiting marks.

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