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What is the difference between natural stone and ceramic tile?
Jul 20, 2018

First, the nature of the product stone is more natural, after cutting, polishing, only the shape or shape has changed, and the material itself has not changed.

Second, the practical comparison stone has superior durability and durability, has been the most important architectural and decorative materials since ancient times, the world's best preserved ancient buildings are mostly stone buildings.

Third, the color difference compared to natural stone due to its natural, the color difference is relatively obvious, and the surface texture of natural stone is not rich in tiles, but the natural stone paving effect looks natural, this is incomparable.

Fourth, shape and precision comparison Stone can be shaped according to different requirements, ceramic tile because of the requirements of the specification, the limitations of shape production is relatively large.

V. Comparison of thermal expansion coefficient Most of the stone takes natural, the physical and chemical properties are very stable, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, and the deformation variation of the product rarely occurs due to temperature changes.

VI. Comparison of safety: The surface treatment process of the tile makes the friction generated during the use process very small, so it is very slippery; if the tile is oily, it will be more slippery.

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