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What are the onyx colors?
Jul 20, 2018

Its colors are mainly white, yellow (honey), brown, pink and green. The most popular ones are white and honey. The latter is added with iron oxide, which is chemically similar to white onyx and white enamel. Agate is mainly from Persia, while honey-colored onyx is mainly mined in Turkey.

The natural form of onyx creates its unique and complex design. Under the light, its style becomes three-dimensional. The reflective onyx panels are very popular interior design elements, especially yellow or brown onyx. It is often used in places with darker lighting such as bars and restaurants.

However, even in a well-lit room, the panel is very prominent, and its rich style plays a very important role. Combined with appropriate lighting equipment, it is often more successful to use onyx, such as light stands, desktops, bars, windowsills and Steps, even a small piece of equipment can make a big difference in the room. Onyx is also often used as a wall and a variety of stone carving techniques, including bathroom environments and wash basins, which are similar to marble in this regard. However, in many cases, marble and limestone are generally used.

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