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High quality light stone look surface
Jul 20, 2018

The good natural light-transparent stone decorative plate depends on the quality and processing technology of the block material. The high-quality translucent stone surface pattern color does not contain too much variegated color, the cloth color is uniform, and there is no situation of faintness and faintness. After processing, the translucent stone will have many "defects" that cannot be covered. Therefore, the surface tone of the translucent stone is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the translucent stone. For example, the processing technology and process are not closed, and the processed product is finished. There will be warpage, dents, stains, stains, missing corners, cracks, color lines, pits and other phenomena, so you can't be "common" with the top grade.

According to experts who specialize in processing and selling imported translucent stone, the high-quality natural translucent stone plate has neat and omni-directional cutting edges, smooth surface and high brightness. There is no rough feeling when touched by hand. At the same time, in addition to paying attention to the selection of translucent stone, In addition to the decorative properties such as color pattern, gloss and appearance quality of the translucent stone surface, physical and chemical properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance and hardness of the translucent stone should also be considered.

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