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Environmentally friendly resin board features and advantages
Jul 20, 2018

1. This product has low formaldehyde content, will not irritate the nose, and greatly improve the working environment.

2. Excellent morphological stability, excellent stereo effect and resilience.

3. Some of the color change has little effect, especially the white pocket cloth of denim is extremely low in yellow.

4. High reactivity, extremely low residual formaldehyde on the surface, soft hand feeling, strong stereoscopic effect, and strong damage to the fabric.

5. There is no need to add catalyst when using, the storage stability is good, and the washing resistance is good, so that the color of the fabric is bright and the color is lustrous.

6. Excellent anti-wrinkle and shrink-proof performance, excellent washable and wearable effect, outstanding resilience and durable pressing performance.

7. The finished fabric is full, firm and thick, and has a good three-dimensional feel. The cat must be clear and the temperature is not yellow.

8. The product is environmentally friendly additive, does not contain APEO, NPEO, and meets European and American ROHS environmental protection standards.

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