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Basic definition of onyx
Jul 20, 2018

Onyx is a variety of agate. Onyx is also used as code agate, agate, horse brain, etc. It is a type of onyx mineral, often a band-like block mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz, hardness 7-7.5 degrees, specific gravity 2.65, color Quite a layered, translucent or opaque. It is often used as a decoration or a play, and a string of onyx balls is often seen in ancient funerary objects.

Onyx is a kind of cryptocrystalline crystal of quartz. It refers to a kind of stone marrow which is arranged in a stripe pattern with straight lines. Onyx has different color layers, which are often used as reliefs, and also used for high-grade interior design due to its light transmission. Materials, translucent onyx as interior design materials are usually highly polished to make them more translucent, white, brown, brown, etc. The onyx used as relief is often light or white for engraving, the bottom The color is often dyed black, causing the opposite.

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