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Artificial stone resource advantage
Jul 20, 2018

Natural marble and granite will produce more than 70% of waste stone in mining and processing, which wastes resources and pollutes the environment. According to relevant information, China has become the world's largest stone production, sales and exporting country, with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan. However, China's mining technology is backward, and most of them still use the original blasting method to mine. The raw material yield (cube of 2-3m) only accounts for 15%-20%, and the yield of the mining equipment is only 30%, and the remaining 70%-80% of the valuable resources become waste rock residue. According to the 30% yield of China's annual mining stone, 25 million tons of waste stone will be produced every year. That is to say, more than two mine resources will become waste rock mountain in three mines, and the precious resource loss is shocking. Stone processing plants will produce more than 30% of waste in sheet metal processing. Therefore, the main raw material of artificial stone can be said to be inexhaustible. This has made the development of the artificial stone industry a resource guarantee.

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